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Whether you own a restaurant or bar, an office, or any other type of public space, you know that lighting is an important part of creating a warm and inviting ambiance. You also know that maintaining that same ambiance in your commercial bathroom is just as important. However, adding lighting to your bathroom involves more than simply adding in brighter bulbs. There are several ways you can go about creating the ambiance you want in your commercial bathroom.

Target Specific Areas

If you have dark décor in your bathroom, poor lighting can make it feel cavernous. However, bright, overhead lights can make it feel sterile, and not inviting in the least. Instead, target specific areas with lighting. If you place the lights in the right places, it will be reflected and spread throughout the bathroom without making it look harsh. You can also make walls directly across from windows lighter for a similar effect.

Accent Lighting

Dark corners can be lit up just enough with accent lighting. These are not the only place where accent lighting is appropriate, though. Placing small lights in important areas, such as above the sink or over toilet stalls, is key. Sconces can add an additional touch of personality and beauty. This way you get the light you need, but it doesn’t have the same harsh effects as direct overhead lighting.

Strategic Mirror Placement

Believe it or not, mirrors can do more than allow your customers or clients look themselves over. They can also be quite helpful with lighting. The angle of mirrors can easily spread existing lighting throughout the bathroom. Lighted mirrors can be used as task lights, and also add an extra inviting, comforting feel.

Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is always best, and windows help to provide this. However, in a bathroom, privacy is a must. Window blurs allow you to provide the best of both. These blurs are thin films that can easily be placed directly over glass. They are available in numerous interesting patterns, allowing you to pick a style that best suits your décor.

Lacking windows in your commercial bathroom? You can mimic natural lighting with lightboxes. Lightboxes use a panel similar to a window blur with a light installed behind it, and can be customized to fit your décor perfectly.

Professional Installation

For the best lighting results, hiring a pro is a must. Professional commercial lighting installers take everything into account when designing your lighting, including your current décor, wall colors and existing fixtures. Master Handyman’s commercial lighting services are just what you need for your commercial bathroom. Our commercial lighting experts will work with you to solve all of your bathroom lighting woes. We have the expertise necessary to transform your bathroom from bleak to inviting.

For help creating the perfect ambiance in your commercial bathroom, Master Handyman’s commercial bathroom lighting services can give you just what you’ve been looking for. Call today to get started!

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Light Electrical Bathroom Fixture - Before


Electrical Outlet Replacement - Before


Light Electrical Bathroom Fixture - After


Electrical Outlet Replacement - After