Emegency Board Up

You’ve worked hard to acquire and maintain your property. Whether it’s a rental unit, a home where you live, or an office building, you want to keep the property in good condition. This means moving quickly when you suffer a broken window.

Making sure to have the window properly sealed protects your investment while you wait for replacement windows to arrive.

Master Handyman in Cleveland is the place to look when you need help closing up a broken window.

Commercial Board Up Services

Windows serve a number of roles. In addition to admitting light or providing a view, they serve the role of keeping out wind, rain, insects, and—of course—people. So, if your building has a broken window, you need to act quickly in order to make sure the property is adequately protected.

You don’t want insects or vermin entering the building. Likewise, a window opening that is left uncovered is a means through which water can enter the property—possibly causing further expense and mess.

On the ground floor of a building, you also have security issues to consider. Some people will see an open window as an invitation to come in, snoop around, and make off with whatever they can put their hands on. Other people may see the window as a means for them to find a place to live for a few days or weeks—this is of particular concern if the building is not regularly in use.

Unfortunately, replacing a window is not always as simple as going to the store and purchasing a new one. Some windows must be custom-built or ordered to exact specifications. This means the manufacturing and/or shipping process can take several days or even weeks—time during which your investment is left unprotected.

Whatever the situation, we at Master Handyman can help with the problem. We know how important your investment is, and we move quickly to close up the window opening. We can board up the window to keep out the weather, insects, and people, and we can do it for a very reasonable price.

Our service professionals are trained and capable, and you won’t have to worry about them causing further damage to your property. On the contrary, once they are finished with the task, they will leave the property in better condition than it was when they arrived!

Protect Your Property

Of course, a broken window is not the only reason you might want to cover your window openings. If you anticipate severe weather, it is sometimes prudent to cover the windows as a preventive step. That way, after the storm passes, your windows will be safe and in good condition.

Other factors, such as an anticipated lengthy vacancy, can play a role in the decision to cover your windows, too. If you expect that you will not be using a building for a period of time, you may find that covering the windows is an excellent way to deter thieves, vandals, and squatters. Then, when the time comes to re-occupy the building, you can simply remove the window coverings and pick up where you left off.

We are happy to work with insurance adjusters to help minimize the damage your property suffers. What’s more, we are always happy to talk with you and give you an anticipated cost. Whatever your need is, Master Handyman in Cleveland is here to help you protect your property. Remember, if you need to have your windows covered, Master Handyman has you covered! Call us today and let us help you keep your property in top condition.

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