All houses, whether old or new, will need some kind of repairs during their lifetime in order to maintain them. These may mean minor tasks that do not necessarily require a skilled contractor who is a specialist in a particular line of work. More often than not, what they need is an efficient handyman.

Before homeowners even decide on hiring a handyman that they see on Google, they need to keep a number of important things in mind. They should not commit until these are all considered:

The Research

When home maintenance requires the services of a painter, plumber or another skilled handyman, homeowners need to do their research. They can refer to various sites that offer several cost guides, such as those for a board up service Cleveland, Ohio, as well as numerous resources that provide valuable information on potential hires. Their research should include the following:

  • Average price data in their locality;
  • Average timetable for scope of work;
  • Required experience for the project;
  • Portfolios of latest work;
  • Reviews and testimonials;
  • License numbers.

Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

When hiring a handyman recommended by family and friends, it takes away a huge part of the process. With regards to working with handymen, perhaps the most critical detail of the whole project is finding a trustworthy person. Certainly, family and friends will not recommend a handyman who could not be trusted to do a fantastic job.

So, it is best to ask relatives, friends and office mates for recommendations. Also, past professionals they have worked with may refer some people in the industry.

Interview Potential Hires in Person

It is never a good idea to hire a board up handyman Cleveland over the phone, for example. He has to look at the project first, offer a suitable quote and show some credentials as proof that he is worthy of the job. Here are some of the questions that they can ask before deciding on hiring him:

  • Since when has he been in the business?
  • Does he have any experience in this type of project?
  • Can he show photos of similar work?
  • Did he ever work with anyone within the area?
  • How would he like to communicate?
  • How much would the project cost and how long will it take to complete?
  • Can he give a full breakdown of the quoted price?
  • Can he give more information about himself?
  • Can he provide a list of references?

Moreover, when they get at least 3 estimates, they can try to find out why some handymen charge higher or lower than others. The answers they receive will help them determine if he is the handyman who is best for the job.

Call References

References are given so they can be called. It can take a lot of time to call them one by one but it is a must if they would like to know their overall thoughts on their potential hire. They can also ask about the way they communicate and how they deal with pressure or delays in deliveries of materials. In case these references are willing to do them a favor, they could ask more questions about anything before hiring this person.

Note: there is a reason why references are given. They should always keep this in mind.